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Trip to SBC Awards 2016 to showcase the VR

December 16th, 2016
A sparkling London was waiting for us to attend the SBC Awards 2016 last Wednesday, 7th of December . We dressed up in our finest clothes to attend the event in the exclusive club UnderTheBridge, underneath the well-known Stamford Bridge's stadium.

SlotsMillion was one of the proud sponsor of the event and took the opportunity to showcase the VR casino in front of lots of impressed guests. It was also great seeing some of you there, although the event was more sport betting related.

Apart from that ceremony, the glamour and the party, we also had a busy day that we thought was worth being related here.

In the peaceful district City of Westminster, where our Londonian office is located, we met up with journalists from Forbes and EGR magazine during the afternoon to give them an opportunity to try out our Virtual Reality Casino and have an interview with our CEO and co-founder, Alexandre Tomic.

If we had to remember two things from that day, this is what they would be:

First one: As usual, all the journalists were delighted to have their first experience with a Virtual Reality Casino and all left our office with great content to write stunning and fresh articles about our product.


Second: What we usually see during most of the events where we showcase our VR Casino is people all ears and listening carefully our instructions, especially when we go through the ‘motion sickness’ bit… You know what I’m talking about, right? :)

We also already knew that young people tend to be very handy with such technologies but what happened that day was way beyond our expectations.

One of the journalist here that day impressed us quite a lot. When his turn came, he literally: sat down, put the goggles and headset on, caught the controller and started playing, visiting and interacting with other people inside the casino without even giving us time to explain him the basics.

To tell you the truth, the contrast with the rest of the journalists was very impressive.

As you can imagine, we now can’t wait to read what he and the rest of the journalists will write about it with their own perspective and feelings…

Keep following our newsletter and posts on our Social Media (FB - Twitter), we are expecting them to publish the articles anytime soon!

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