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Who are our Quickspin winners?

December 22nd, 2016
Everyone who participated in our Quickspin promotion did a great job, but only 10 could be our lucky winners.

We would like to give a huge congratulations to the following players, who have emerged victorious. Nice work!

Now all that remains to do is sit back and enjoy your winnings.

Quickspin winners

  • €1000 Joku13
  • €800 JoJoo
  • €600 evelyn08
  • €400 olenico
  • €320 klokken1a
  • €280 cosi4000
  • €240 wowsarg
  • €160 whippie
  • €120 twungz
  • €80perhonen59

Hope one of them is one of your players ;)

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